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Re: TIre gauge accuracy (or lack thereof)

I agree that rolling radius must be closely matched to avoid excessive stress on the drivetrain. However, if I found my tires to be 3/4" off at the same pressure, then I'd think I had a defective tire. The fact that I can easily get out of 4WD after a run indicates that my rolling radius is pretty well matched. Off road, on rough ground, the variations in rolling distance due to uneven ground will be more than any reasonable tire diameter variation. And on a dry road, you shouldn't be in 4WD anyway. Sure, check your radius with all four tires at the same pressure..... that's a good idea! But once you've verified that the tires are well matched, checking air pressure (with an accurate gauge, which was my whole point) is a lot easier. And after all, it's the "squishier" tire we're trying to achieve when we air down, not a reduced radius.


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