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Re: God Bless America

Because it is no longer run by true Americans. It has been sold out by people who are greedy and could care less what happens as long as they get there's NOW! Mind you your vote does not count anymore, it is the electorial votes that decide who becomes president, and of course that really doesn't matter any way cause he don't run the government either. It's the special interest groups who buy all the guys in the house of representitives and the seneate, etc., etc.. If you really start studying american government, you will realize that we won the battle of WW2 but we lost the war, our government has been bought. Even so, I am still a true AMERICAN, and if someone wants to come and steal from me, or covet my wife, or harm my children, I will shoot them dead where they stand. My right as an AMERICAN. Just my opinions.
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