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God Bless America

God Bless America
Those words don’t hurt me, they empower our belief in our nation. Our nation was founded under God by our fore fathers who believed in God. Most of the American settlers and founders believed in God.
Separation of church and state is working just fine, I don’t believe we need to change our forefathers beliefs and words. This separation is was what was wanted by our father who believed in God.
I don’t believe in God or religion. I will always say “…under God…” in the Pledge of Allegiance because even if I don’t believe, he was still a part of our nations founding. Even if he doesn’t exist, he still took part in the hearts and souls of our founding fathers.
I also will hold hands, bow my head in respect and say “Amen” at a family dinner.
I believe if I want respect for my non-belief, I must respect those who do. Why can’t those who want “Under God” banned and “God Bless America” just follow my example? This country is very accepting of other beliefs, why is it so set against what this nation was founded on???
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