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yamaha SRV rear suspension question...

no snow yet, so i have been spending a lot of my time in the garage lately, sitting on my snowmobile and breathing exhaust fumes. anyways, i find my rear suspension to be a little on the stiff side, and generally doesn't work all that well when sitting. also when i get on the sled, it goes down 1-2 inches or so. when i get off, it only goes up 1 inch. i can then easily pull it back up the rest of the way and it stays there. i can then lift the rear of the sled up with out the suspension moving at all (no sag???), but can't push it down again with my hands. could the shock (shocks?) be shot. its has this double shock spring thing that kinda seems like a waste considering the limited travel that i have. is there anyway to soften it up a bit? i can jump and jump and it barely moves, and feels like im jumping on a board. also, i have been working on a 94 mach 1 lately, and its C-7 suspension kind of feels like this, except it is setup for someone a lot heavier than me. also i was playing around on a friends 97 MXz 583, and it also felt firm, but not stiff, but maybe a little too stiff for trails. i haven't rode it (the srv) much yet, so im not sure how it will actually suck up the bumps. am i asking too much from my sled? i havn't had a sled that has a decent suspension, so im not sure where it should be. my other sleds, when two people sat on them, they would bottom out. for the fellow SRV owners, i weigh about 155 lbs, just in case you want to compare your weight to mine reagrding how your suspension works. sorry for the rambling! any help would be greatly appreciated!

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