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Re: TIre gauge accuracy (or lack thereof)

[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Uh....Dana,.....are you IN there? What are you DOING? Normally, I look forward to your posts for the clever footnotes. This post, however, left me gasping for air.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] Here is my question for you. What is the difference between your Jeep and a Geo Metro? Yep, it has FOUR WHEEL DRIVE. Now Dana....what does that mean? Yes, it means that it has each wheel hooked to THE CRANK! Yeah, yeah, you what....big deal. is that actually does the crank drive all four? Oh, you say.....a TRANSFER CASE....hey, that's pretty it a FULL TIME case? Oh, you don't really know? Well, it doesn't matter....the rule is the same, and the rule is(now pay attention) thus: FORGET PRESSURE.....IT'S ROLLING DIAMETER THAT MATTERS! Sheesh! On the same Jeep, at the same pressure, with the same tires and rims, you can easily have an inch of difference! Now, about giving us a GUESS as to what that does to that FOUR WHEEL DRIVE that you mentioned? Hmmm...?? Yes, Dana, it SCREWS UP the differentials; wrecks the air lockers; expands the bearing fits in the transfer case; SUCKS UP FUEL; scuffs tires; wrecks u-joints; and did I mention that it makes it hard....if not get OUT of FWD once you are in? Now I wouldn't get on your tail like this without giving you the solution that will get you instantly out of trouble, and I know this is like telling someone how to build a clock when they ask what time it is, but HERE is what you must do: First...take a 2-1/2" X 30" trim board from the local lumber yard....get a nice one...and bolt a little tin "foot" on one end such that the tin foot will just tuck under the tire when the trim board is vertical. Then make an adjustable "pecker" which can slide up and down. Set the pecker so it just rests atop the edge of the rim. Do that for all four tires, adjusting the air to get them PERFECT! Chose the biggest or the smallest as a "get to" point, but GET THEM ALL THE SAME. Do this after a run, with the Jeep on real smooth concrete.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img][img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img][img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] I can send some moon guys over to help if needed. They are almost recovered after rolling their CJ5 at Farmington a few weeks ago.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]

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