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Prelude To Rock Crawling In They Key Of RJ *PICS!*

Ahhhh well. I decided to go dink around in a small pile of rocks by a two track about a two miles out of town. It went fairly well, but the mediocre brakes that I had to keep stabbing led to me accidently stabbing the gas and sliding the front end of my truck into a rather large rock denting my front fender corner in. You can't even see it, which sucks. Heh heh.

Anywho, for the last blast I drove over a real big rock and came off it too fast and didn't have my spotter/cameraman out of the truck and so I landed the rear diff on a rock leaving one tire in the air. Yeah RJ, we can go wheeling a little bit before we lock the rear! PHBBBBT! I tried to get the front to just pull me over but it dug a hole for itself. The enter the dramatics, I have noticed since I''ve owned the truck one hub was loose, but it always pulled the front so no matter, but when I was rocking it back and forward to get over the rock, KABOOM there went both hubs, now both loose. They were Milemarkers, which Mike said were crap, so I'll pick up some Warn ones from him as soon as I can afford it. I'm not upset about it, and I learned a bit too. I though for sure it was a joint or soemthing, with all the paranoia from the D60 people, but it was just a crap hub.

So I dinked around with a bottle jack trying to get a rock under the tire that was in the air but I just had a friend yank me off when he happened by. Overall it was fun and educational. Wheeeeee!

And then there would be pictures....

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