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Re: Bad weekend, very bad.

Well, as of now the whole front clip has been removed. It was eisier than I thought it would be. Took about 2.5 hours by myself. I need to drain the radiator and remove it, then I am going to atempt to use two HiLfts to pull it back together. I will probably need to use a torch to make it bend easier and maybe a T shaped brace going to the other frame reail to keep it from bending in insted of the other one bending. I will most likely be boxing the front of the frame somewhat and adding another cross member at the end of the frame. I will also take this period of down time to start my rear end relocation/bed removal. I found out I can move the spring hangers forward 22 inches with out having to cut the frame. Just remove the rivets in the hangers, make some acurate measurements, drill and bolt the brackets back in. Then i must find the new Sub tank and take care of all th other tid bits.
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