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Re: Need some tech info

i don't think it'll work. correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't this a tall deck engine?? chevy made tall deck big blocks in that time period (366 & 427) for trucks over 1 ton in the 70's. mainly torque monsters, but their all done by 4,000 rpm. it may bolt up to your mounts, trans won't be a problem, but you will have clearence issues with the steering, firewall, possiably brakes. and you can forget about off the shelf exaust. custom headers, etc.if this is indeed a tall deck, presonally, i'd sell it and get a standard deck big block. a couple tips to tell if it is a tall deck is, thermostat housing looks like 2 housings in one, this one is fuzzy, but you can compare a standard deck to a tall deck by measuring the distance from the top waterpump bolt to the deck. i believe standard is around 3/4". tall deck is about 1" or better. the only things that will swap to a standard deck is the cam and maybe i said before, correct me if i'm wrong.hope this helps out.
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