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Re: dual battery/alternator

On my 83 I had two 1050 CCA batteries.. and have since replaced them with smaller, 850 CCA batteries. I'm using the stock alternator and it works just fine.

You want to upgrade all your grounds, batteries (Gel cell or Spiral Wrap Fiberglass 6 packs) and use good cables. I'm using mechanical isolation, but will be chaning to solid state isolation. The choice is yours. Many people don't trust what they can't see, and when it comes to electronices the mechanical isolator is something they can handle, see and understand.

When you're talking about winter emergencies... of what type? Winching, self jumping, etc?

As with any sytem you can go simple, or complex, inexpensive or the sky's the limit. It all depends on your needs and who's selling you the stuff.

Before you commit to a system sit down and figure out what your requirements are, which circuits will be on the auxilary battery, and or if you'll leave the starting battery on a circuit by itself, the type of isolation, the charging circut and switching circuits for self-jumpering.
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