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Reset gears after changing diff carriers?

I am planning on puting a locker in my CJ this fall and have ran into a few questions. I am a college student on a limited budget, so I think a detroit or air locker is out. I hear that the lock right is the best bang for you buck ( according to a post a few days ago) but the lock right is not produced for a AMC 20 with trac lock, like I have. I loked at the power trax no slip but it is $150 dollars more then the lock right, and have heard about more blowing then the lock right.

I have a full size cherokee with a model 20 HD open diff in the rear of it, so I could swipe the open carrier and put it in the CJ rear end, but I dont have the knoledge or tools to do the re seting of the gears? So would I need to re set the gears if I swaped the carrier? If so how much would the normal shop charge for the swap ( I am guessing it is more then the 150 difference between the lock right and the no slip)

Any advice?

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