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Re: My First Dodge?

I had a 74 single cab 3/4 ton once. It was part time 4WD. Very very tough truck and very dependable, although kinda ugly. I did see once in a magazine where they put an 80's nose on one this old and it took a lot of the dated looks out of it.
The only thing I didn't like about this year truck was the divarced transfer case and how it bolted up. The bolts came in from below and actually lifted the transfer into place as they were tightened. My bolts loosened because they were stripped and my T-case started to sag until the driveline from the tranny into the transfer got to be too much of an angle and i broke a yoke. When that driveline goes, it's immobile, where as a normal transfer case you can lock your hubs and drive home in front wheel drive.
If you get that truck, check the T-case bolts and make sure they are tight and not stripped. If they are good, make sure they have lock washers. If they feel kinda questionable, try some lock tite (I personally don't like to work on a rig that has lock tite used on it) or go the extra route and do it right by retapping the threads for a bigger bolt.
Other than this ONE complaint, I had nothing but good luck with my old 74. Good luck to you!
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