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HELP!!!!! Brake Line Problem

Okay. Yesterday my brake pedal kept getting softer and softer. By the time I go to work it was just about to the floor with little pressure and the red brake light on the speedo get kept coming on when I used the brakes. When I got home I added fluid to the master cylinder, just the small portion of the resevoir in the front. This is for the rear brakes, correct. This led me to believe that the rear wheel cylinder was leaking. However, On my way to work this morning, the same thing happened. I thought the wheel cylinder must really be shot to loose all that fluid. Picked up two new cylinders on the way home. Turns out this was not the problem. 3 years ago I did the Mopar MPI conversion and this kit changes your air filter to a long paper tube reinforced with a wire that connects to a K&N filter. Well, this paper tube with the wire in it was rubbing on one of the brake lines that comes out of the master cylinder. The wire in it acted like a little saw and put a tiny pin ***** hole in the brake line, which bled out all of the fluid. Found this out by pushing the pedal and seeing a stream come shooting out from the hood.

My question is, how the hell do I fix this?! Is the only way to replace the brake line? I need to do it now as I'm leaving for a fishing trip Saturday morning. As a temporary fix would a thin sheet of steal over the hole and duct tape tightly wrapped around it worked, or is the pressure too high? Help me O'Great ones! Oh, this is on an 85 CJ7 with manual brakes. Thanks!
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