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Re: Hello and lots of questions

My Tj originally came with a hard top and then when summer came i ordered a bikini, duster, windjammer setup along with seat covers and bedlining the interior. I thought i would be set. I don't like that set up one bit, the bikini set up lets a lot of water in (getting wet on the way to school isn't fun) and doesn't seal well enough to run past october (gets too cold). And the hard top takes 2 people to take off, isn't that quiet, you need a place to keep it and when i was wheeling in the winter with it on i hated it, one time i was real close to rolling with the hard top on and if i rolled i would have been screwed and probably killed my hard top vs. if i had a soft top i wouldn't have had the 150-200lbs pulling my jeep towards it side and if i rolled worse to worse i would have had some bent top bows and a hole that needed duct tape to patch. I'm out side chicago so it gets cold but not that cold. I picked up a used super top for dirt cheep and now am trying to sell my hard top. I'm not too worried abuot it in the winter, i can always throw another jacket on. I think a soft top fits my needs better than a hard top but also i'm young dumb and stupid, i think sx's arnt that bad of a street tire and run with out doors in january when it's a nice day.

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