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Re: A new home

Well, since it sounds like you have a stout motor now I would go for the fuel injection for said reasons.

You may want to consider upgrading your axles before you buy front and rear lockers. I've heard bad things about lockers in 1/2T front ends.

If sand is your deal why do you want the doubler?? Can't imagine super low gears being a bonus for running sand hills.

My personall advice drivetrain wise would be to weld or lock the rear and save your cash until you find what is holding you back on the trails. Sounds like you are more interested in a capable 4x4 then street manners so IMHO the best thing is to do is do trim the fenders to fit the 35's (since you're already 4" up) and wheel it until you know what mod is going to get you further up the trail, or back home from the top.
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