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Re: R12 to R134a a/c conversion

Be careful! I had an 88 Grand Wagoneer that needed a new a/c compressor. I went ahead and did the conversion; the freon is about $5/can compared to about $20/can, you need the retro kit (o-rings, valves, etc.) about $20. After I got it installed, I developed a leak like you did. The R-134 runs at a higher pressure and is also thicker (I think?) If you think your hoses are bad, replace them. The guy that put my compressor in put too much freon in, that's probably what caused the leak, I got some hoses made put the freon in, according to what we thought the specs were, and 15 minutes later, the hose blew; luckily our faces weren't in it but I got about a $50 rust proofer for my hood. I got the hoses made again and made the parts store give me the exact specs for the amount of freon to add. For mine it took 4 cans of R12, in R134 it should take 2.5 cans. Moral of the story, go by the book specs, not somebodies formula. Also, if it doesn't cool right away, or what you are used to, spray some water on the condenser, it should cool. If you don't like the way it cools at stop lights or at idle, buy an electric fan to keep the air flowing through the condensor.

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