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info on fixing up a fixer upper 77 jimmy does it s

I got out and took a look at the 77 jimmy i found in the paper they want 600 but may drop, the body is relativelly good, corners and edges have rust spots. the edge of teh door under the kick strip is rust through in a few small spaces,under the tail gate is rusted through in spots and every panel has rust under neaith. the frame looks solid. it has the 12 bolt out back and a auto with full time. the 350 looks dirty and there some oil down teh front , it hasn't run in 6-8 months. the oil is dirty but not dark , but smells like gas, the tranny fluid is dark brown and smell burned but no particles or froth. don't see any major puddles. she wouldn't let me start it because she was worried about the old oil made sense to me too. it needs new exhaust from the breadloaf header back, it has fresh tread on the tires but they have sat for a year still holding air well though and they are bfg mt's. the back window will not drop they proped it up with blocks she said the wiinder rusted out, buthte handle is still intact on theout side. the hindges looked good still but couldn't open the back up. it has huge diamond grid metal runningboards, and the smoker windows are all rusted shut.
the engine has 115000 miles on it. she also told me that the last time she drove it it seemed like there were no brakes. I checked the fluid and one resevoir was empty . i didn't see and leaks but its been sitting for so long. also it would need a new battery the one in it is dead and has sat for a long while that way. she said she shelved it a year ago but drove it every couple of weeks and put a couple miles on till about 6 months ago . it was a farmer vehicle and propable saw grocery getter miles but hard core ones. it was the farmers wifes truck.
i have about 1100 dollars that i can spend on the whole thing cost of vehicle and getting it inspected and running to PA standards.
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