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Re: What is the part between Vac.Advance and Vac Sourc

Ive seen some AMC360s with a thermal controled vac advance, where at differnt temps the vac source is changed.

on My own 360, I elimnated that stuff, and simply use whats called a vacum delay valve.

its like red/green, or red/white ( I beleive these are differnt values available) its about teh size of a 50cent piece, and its plasttic, and about 1/2 inch thick with a nipple on each side, it basically stops all vac passing, until a certain level is reached then opens all at once.

I had to order one when a dip****z mechanic ripped it off years ago and threw it away, then never could get the hesitation out of the engine.

it was about $14, but took about an hour going thru catalogs with a decent parts guy at a Jeep dealer.

trying to help!
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