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Re: What is the part between Vac.Advance and Vac Sourc

From what I understand, the Vacuum Adv. coming off the Distributor runs to this part, and then there are two more lines running out of it, one to a vaccum port on the cab and one to the intake manifold. he gave it some long [censored] name that had like 4 words to it. I just called him, he said it's called a Non-Linear vacuum Regulator Valve

the problem were having that we think this has to do with is:

from Dead stop, there is an initial and momentary sluggishness, almost to the point of stalling. to avoid it, you have to pop the throttle and up the RPMs then start letting out the clutch. But if you just give a touch of gas and start letting out the clutch the engine will start to stall. I've gotten so use to it I get around it with out even thinking, but it becomes a PIA when you're trying to ease up a rock or someting.

Anyone familiar with this part, and might it be the missing link under my hood. He said it's about 1.5" in dia. and 1.5" thick withthree ports on it, each labeled for Dist, Carb and Vac Adv.

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