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Re: 84 dodge engine dies when warm

I did read read all the previous posts but vapor lock wont necessarily be cured by replacing the fuel pump and fuel lines.

What you need to find out is whether the problem is gas related or electrical. I still dont see any posts stating that there is gas in the carb when its warm so that needs to be confirmed either yes or no. If there is gas in the carb, it might be a lean or rich issue or it may be electrical.

gotta take it one step a a time

you would also want to check for spark when it wont start. check for spark at the end of a plug wire. if its there check all of them to make sure you have spark on all the wires. if there is no spark there, check for spark coming out the coil wire. if no spark there, make sure you have voltage on the + side of the coil with a voltameter. if you do the coil might be bad or the ignition box (ecu) or the wiring to or from it.

it may also be the inductive pickup in the distributor. check the gap with a non magnetic feeler gauge. should be .007 i think
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