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Re: Uwharrie National Forest, NC trail ride!

Hey JimmyJames,
Got a bucket of [email protected]# news. Got home last night and started to watch the video. SOME IDIOT, I will not name names, (the idiot who almost flipped the black zuk sunday morning lol) rewound the video saturday night to look at it in the camcorder, then didn't fast forward it again to the end. So sunday, I recorded over everything from saturday. Ain't that a #$%^*()))_&^%#.... Got some nice video from sunday though...
Email me personally so I got your address will you?
Had a great time too man. Look forward to the next time...

Do unto others as you want done to you!
If you pack it in, pack it out!

To save face for the poor dummy
who messed up the video, lets
keep it between the guys who
saw him at Uwharrie. What do you
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