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Re: need help steering linkage bolt!

If I understood you correctly, the "wire" is a cotter pin. You can straigten it and pull it out, or just turn the castle nut and it will sheer with a bit of effort. You can buy replacements at any auto or hardware store.

Don't use lock tight or lock washers here, it's your steering. Jeep left cotter pins out of some of their Heeps years back. The thing vibrated loose and fell off for this woman and her kids. Result? She wound up at the bottom of a canyon and nearly lost her life. One of her daugters died. I read about the lawsuits, and years later she wound up working for me, so I got the inside story.

Bottom line, Cotter pins are positive locking devices and should be used for critical things like steering. locktight and lockwashers are passive locking devices and can fail.
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