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Newbie w/vent window q

Howdy All!

Just joined this list the other day after my brother gave me the URL. I am a MOPAR fanatic, I have a '69 Charger undergoing restification (soon to be 440 4spd car) and my daily runner is a '87 RamCharger 318 AT, 2WD. I live in Austin, TX.

This morning I discovered some scumbag broke my driver's door vent window and ransacked my newly rehabbed interior. Glove box is destroyed along with the glass, my new carpet is soaked with last nights rain. The good news is as I was cleaning up the glass the Austin PD detective drove up and had all of my stolen items he had just recovered in his front seat! Even my tire guage! The moron who did it is in jail on felony charges from breaking into a building nearby.

Onto the question. It looks like the vent glass is glued onto the two pivot studs. Is it possible to scour the local junk yards and find (hopefully) used glass and separate the glass from the pivots or I am stuck with getting new glass. Is there a way to dissolve the glue without breaking the glass?

I looked in my shop manual and I DO NOT want to tear into the whole door to remove the whole assembly so I hope someone out there has some info

No worries


P.S. I have submitted a "tech" article about replacing your carpet, headliners and most of the weather stripping. Hope it makes it onto the list.
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