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>1)well the 1300's stock carberator still power 1600 block ok?money is a >problem so i can't afford a weber or i would go that route.

The 1.3 carb will drive the 1.6 engine fine. We've dne swaps this way before with good results.

>2)timing belt,i allready have the timing belt for the 1300 block ,can i still >use it on the 1300 head/1600 block combo?the belt is brand new.

Cannot use the timing belt on the 1.6 engine. The 1.6 is about an inch taller and you'll find the 1.3 timing belt way too short. You'll need to get the 1.6 belt. Make sure its for the 8 valve engine.

>3)timing gears ,the tracker engine i bought for $150 the cam timing gear was >smashed due to the wreck that took it out.can i use the 1300's cam gear >instead or should i buy a new 1600 timing gear?

Get the 1.6 cam timing gear. You'll find that you will have to get the 1.6 belt. For some reason, its been my experience that the teeth off the 1.3 pulley do not properly align with the teeth on that belt. I"ve had to go with the 1.6 cam pulley in the past as a result.

>4)on the oil pan i know i can use the 1300's oilpan on the 1600 block ,but do >i still use the 1300 oil pan gasket,due to the fact that the 1600 oil pan does >not use a gasket.

The basic outline of the pans is the same. I usually just use RTV though and forget any pre-made gaskets.

>shure were trying to get though to order, so i tried not to take up his time.
>but if glenn is reading this, heres the chance to help 1 of your costomers:-)

No problem. A vendor is pretty worthless if they won't take the time to share experiences. That's why I participate in these bulletin boards and email lists. The 'Zuk community' is more important to me than just making a buck.
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