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zukikid here ,o.k. here goes might recall that i WAS going to go spoa and rebuild my 1300 head with torqer cam and header well...
it seems i have developed a rod knocking in my engine so i decided to put the $ where it counts.ipulled a 1600 block out of a 89 tracker that got munched and sence the head of the 1600 was in scary condition and i just replaced my fuel pump on my 1300 head i wanted to use that.
well heres the ?'s:
1)well the 1300's stock carberator still power 1600 block ok?money is a problem so i can't afford a weber or i would go that route.
2)timing belt,i allready have the timing belt for the 1300 block ,can i still use it on the 1300 head/1600 block combo?the belt is brand new.
3)timing gears ,the tracker engine i bought for $150 the cam timing gear was smashed due to the wreck that took it out.can i use the 1300's cam gear instead or should i buy a new 1600 timing gear?if i can use the 1300"s cam timing gear do ineed to use the 1300"s cranks timing gear?
4)on the oil pan i know i can use the 1300's oilpan on the 1600 block ,but do i still use the 1300 oil pan gasket,due to the fact that the 1600 oil pan does not use a gasket.
there it is please feel free to to tell me any thhing i might (probably did)forget.i ordered the 1600 swap kit from glen at r.r.o and i know he has done the 1300 head on the 1600 block before. i had him on the phone and was going to pick his brain but he has a business to run and people to order parts that i'm shure were trying to get though to order, so i tried not to take up his time.
but if glenn is reading this, heres the chance to help 1 of your costomers:-)

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