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Re: extremely frustrated and need help!!!!!!!!!!

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Have you checked the resistance of the resistor you're using? Have you checked voltage getting to the coil? Perhaps the resistance isn't high enough... [img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] I think 10v is a good rule of thumb perhaps a hair less... I don't recall which it should be. A decent shop manual should list a spec for it... [img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]

Have you checked the engine ground? The one that goes from the engine (optimally with a short fastener in the threaded hole in the back of the alternator case which is what this is intended for) to the battery? Might make one to frame too, and ground frame to battery.... So many different grounds that are helpful... Make sure to use a somewhat heavy ground wire for each of these, as you don't want the risk of too much current tryin' to flow thru too small of a wire...

That's just a theory. Other than that just get in there and probe around with a multimeter to see what you find out of the ordinary. *Something* has to be wrong with it or it'd not do that... Electrical problems can be a pain.

Just a thought but do you have the resistor in the correct wire to the coil? Should be 2 wires, one for when you're starting (without a resistor) and one for regular conditions. Perhaps those are reversed? [img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] Just a few more ideas... </font>
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