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Re: How do the Sammy\'s run in water?

Snorkels ain't cheap, but they're cheaper than a new engine. I blew an engine years ago running through a deep creek and subsequently did one of the very first 1.6 swaps.... so it turned out okay in the long run I guess.

However, with the snorkel on, I've driven through some pretty deep stuff (at least rib deep and I'm about 6' tall) no trouble. I've been through some nasty swampy junk too. With the snorkel, the vehicle is invincible.

Your single most vulnerable-to-water thing on the Zuk is the intake. Its much better positioned against water infiltration than Jeeps or other vehicles being that its behind the battery. The ignition does pretty well when its submerged. I duct taped my gas tank filler spout just in case for really deep. Have fun! But be aware of the achilles heel which (on any vehicle) is the intake.
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