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Re: YJs SPUA with no m/l?

>>Or you could use the s/r kit for YJ's from AAPA? They can be used SPUA or SPOA.

That's a possibility (except that I can't weld), but I have a s/r now and I am concerned with the wheels travelling rearward under compression even more than they do now. Will it happen more or less with this kit? I dunno.

>>Just to add something else; you may as well go SPOA now because it'll save you money and time over doing it later. I'm doing the same thing too, going SPOA, using a M/L kit. Plus you'll gain a few inches over what you have now.

This may be difficult for folks on this BBS to grasp, but I really don't want a SPOA setup at this time. I don't want that much lift and I don't want to raise the center of gravity that much. There are a ton of nickle and dime things to deal with when you have that much lift (brake lines, driveline spacers, shocks/mounts, etc.) and I don't feel like dealing with it. If I stay under 4" of lift, I can avoid some of that stuff, I think.

Plus, we have a yearly vehicle inspection and very restrictive lift laws. My Zuk with the 2" s/r and 30" tires is technically illegal already. It costs 29$ a year to have some person look at your truck and decide if he wants to risk a fine and losing his job to pass your illegal truck and give you an inspection sticker. If he fails your truck, you get a big red "R" sticker, meaning rejected. You can fix whatever is wrong with your vehicle (take off the lift?) and go back to try again, or you can peel it off yourself and give 29$ to the next guy to see if HE wants to pass it.

Thanks for your suggestions. I will check the AAPA s/r stuff out and see if that suits what I need.


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