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YJs SPUA with no m/l?

Hey Everyone,

I have a question about YJs. I already have a set of four 5 leaf spings to go on my 88.5 Hardtop. I know I don't want to go SPOA with it yet. I see Trail Tough has kits to mount the YJs but they have missing links on the front.

I like to do stuff gradually, so I am wondering if I can buy stuff to put the YJs on all around without doing s/r or m/l? Obviously you can do it in the back, but how about the front?

I need to maintain at least the 2" or so of lift I have with 2" s/r I currently have, and another inch or two more would be OK, I just need to know if this is do-able. I can grab the M/Ls at a future date and go SPOA farther down the line. Any idea how much lift I might expect with YJs SPUA and no M/Ls? something tells me ir might be around 3-4"?

Thanks for any info about this.


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