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Big Thanx To SARGE !! and pics of swap

Well as some of you know I hate to spend my money. But if you want something better you have to spend the dough. After talking with SARGE I decided to spend some cash. I had a 1.3 that was on its last leg with 90 psi. Across the board, and using
1 qts. Of oil every 100 miles. My carb instead of it being a working 2 bar. It was a 1 bar with no seconds. (Unless you jump them out off the intake) which I went from 26 mpg no speed to 10mpg with good bottom end and no top end and never ever used 5th gear (after I jumped them out). Even after I installed a GRSl.

So I bit the bullet and bought a 1.6 8v. And also sent SARGE a 1.3 intake. He ported it for me and installed a Webber. So all I had to do was bolt it up. SO SWEET

What a difference it made!!!!! I can actually go down the road and I have to put it in 5th just to keep from running everybody over. What Power, LQQKS good to.

So if you want a great set up call SARGE. He will hk you up.
Here is some pics for you to see

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