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Re: Hello poser! ~lt~

Yeah I know,but don't worry,if you notice he hasn't posted for a while,well thats because we shut him up by telling his Parents what he was doing and they took his "computer privlages away for a couple of weeks.TISK TISK BAD LITTLE ACE
his Dad (when sobber)is a complete jerk and gets worse when you add alcohal(90% of the time)So I don't think he will be joining us for a while,His mother on the other hand is a pretty little thing(wouldn't mind a piece of that pie)She won't stand for all that foul language from the young lad.If your wondering how I know this is because I happen to be the little brats "Uncle Arnold" even though the only reason I visit he is to get a good look at his mother(my brothers wife)
regards Arnold

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