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Re: Can I tow a boat with my YJ?

For years I towed our 14" 'glass runabout and 4-cylinder Mercury with my '64 CJ5, and had no problems. However:

The CJ wasn't raised.
With the gears and engine, comfortable speed was around 50mph.
The route was over 2-lane highways where there wasn't much traffic, and almost no big trucks.

The short wheelbase didn't cause any problems at all - think about the length of a road tractor compared to the trailers they pull.

I wouldn't rule out pulling a 1500# boat & trailer with my CJ7 unless I heard credible horror stories from people who'd tried it. I think that as long as the trailer weight is significantly less than the tow vehicle it will work fine.

Can you borrow a boat and trailer about the size you're considering and pull it on the freeway to see how it works?
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