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Trailer chains!

I have always hear a lot of conflicting info about trailer chains. Some poeple wont to use a smaller chain that would brake if the trailer came loss beleiving that the trailer would pull them into the ditch other wise! Some use heavy chains wonting the trailer to stay with the truck. I have always used heavy chains beleiving that I would rather have some damage to my own truck rather then a loos trail that I would have know controle over! Well yesterday while taking and old 28' bumper tow camper to the dump I hit a good bump in the road and the trailer came off the ball while doing 50mph. It stayed with the truck for about 150' and came loss and went into the ditch and a bunch of trees! luckly there were no houses in the area and no other traffic! After getting out and checking out the trailers tung I noticed that all the guts were now out of it. The trailer chain hooks were more or less straight and that the trailer E-Brakes had ingaged! After getting it out of the ditch and back onto the ball I had to cut the E-Brake line inorder to get it to move! I then pulled out my old logging chain which is what I have always used in the past as my trailer chain and connected it with very little play I then took some steel wire or banding and wrapped it around the ball and hitch several times and clamped it! I completed the trip to the dump without any further problems! On the way home my wife said" Now I know why you always insisted on using that big chain on the car hauler! The next time someone tells you you should use such a heavy chain, I can not wait to tell them about this! I mean what if that had happen on the interstate? It could have crossed over to the other side and killed someone!" I just said "Yes I know!"
When that trailer came loss it did not pull the truck around at all, I did not hit the brakes, becouse I did not wont it to rearend us either. I just got off the gas and let it slow us down. If the chains had not broke the only damage would have been to the trailer jack, and we ould have been to a stop in a couple 100'!

So use the biggest chains you can and use a trailer Brake Away Brake, and use it right! Connect it with its own D-ring! Keep the chains short and X them under the trailers tug! That way if it would come off the ball It will fallow better and the tug wont hit the ground! Well pull safe and use them big chains and the brake!
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