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Re: H.E.I. for 258.

Rich, we all know that TR will come down on people really hard sometimes but only and only when he is totatly and knowingly correct. Im not sure the reasoning for this but most techs seem to like the HEI better. Me personally i dont care they both make spark. So since you are tech you may just fall in to the tech thing. A buddy of mine has a yard and does alot of service work. We have done both the HEI upgrade and the TR. In may opionin the TR made much more of a difference. Also on the gm stuff being more reliable. I dont think so. The ford igintion is much more reliable, my cj is 22 years old with all the orginal crap in it (except rotor, cap, and wires). My buddy with the yard has a 1952 payloader with a ford v8 and an auto swapped in and a another loader but just alittle smaller(One of these days i will take a pic for all to see this). These loaders sit outside all the time, the motors and igintion are always wet my point being is; that is about as much abuse as you can but on something and guess what they never go down. Well just my $0.02.
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