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Re: 400 Chevy in a CJ7

The Little 400 was a VERY good engine, and it can be made into quite the little side street brawler!
(I used to punch them out to 415 without crank work, 427 with crank work...)

Most of the guys that broke them did something stupid to cause it, so I don't have much sympathy.
The over heat guys need to learn about radiator shrouds and head steam holes...

The guys are correct about the broken parts...
In stock trim that little 400 is going to do about 2.5 times the torque you have now, so that light duty drive train is soon to be abstract loose parts... some identifiable, some not...[img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] (I love broken parts!)

I'd take the engine, then I'd start looking for a new trans, transfer, ect. to go with it!
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