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Why did you pull me over officer

Well, I was on my way back home today from a trip to the river when I passed by a WV State Trooper. I proceeded to watch him in my rear view mirror as he made the turn around of death. Hmmmm. Im not speeding, im in my lane, why is he coming up on me? Then the good ol siren and lights. Pooh! So I whip it over to the side of the road and get all my stuff ready for presentation. Heres how it went:

Me: Hey, how you doing?
Officer: Doing good, you?
Me: Can't complain.
Officer: What year is your Jeep?
Me: 76
Officer: Nice Jeep, 304?
Me: Thanks, yeah its a 304.
Officer: 3 Speed?
Me: Yes sir.
Officer: Have you restored it or is it original.
Me: Original
Officer: Unreal!
Officer: How many inches of lift?
Me: 4"
Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Me: No
Officer: You need to get a modified inspection sticker on it
Me: I was planning on doing that when I could find the time to get it to the State Police HQ.
Officer: Well, really I just wanted to check that beast out.
Me: (Shew)
Officer: Take it easy Buddy and get that sticker!
Me: Sure will.

Needless to say, I thought I was being pulled over for some kind of violation being Memorial Day weekend. It was actualy nice to have someone pulle me over and tell me how they liked my Jeep. Usually when you read a cop story on here it is bad. Just thought I would share a good one for a change.
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