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If you rock crawl, or possibly even some mudding, most any decent shock will do. You have to match the shock to your use. I've been flamed many times for this, but if you want shocks for hard driving, remember, heat is the enemy of the shock. If you are a hard-charging desert driver, use only Bilstein, Fox, or KYB, or something else of that quality. As we speak, the pros and their mechanics here in El Cajon, are getting ready to leave for the Baja race. I can assure you since I just returned from speaking to one of the mechanics for a big time racer, who just finished building my suspension, that everyone of them will tell you, at least privately, to use Bilsteins, or maybe Fox. Every truck, Toyota, Bronco, whatever in the shop I left today was wearing Bilsteins. I hate to make the person that suggested Ranchos angry, but it angers me when a company like Rancho "owns" the mags with their ads and sponsorships and sells mediocre shocks to people who don't know any better. I can see some use for the adjustable 9000s, especially in a mult-purpose vehicle, but the 5000s are, well, let's just say "Don't buy them". They are an average "Monroe" shock without a gas piston, and will do you no better than any other mediocre shock. Also, unless sponsored by Rancho, you will never see a Rancho suspension or shocks on a top level desert racer....... Of course, for general wheeling, real expensive Bilsteins are not necessary......ok, let me have it....

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