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TJ D44 and D35 Questions (gears and axles)

I have a D35. I need to put my stock gears back in the D35. What will I Need? I am going to be trading the jeep at a dealer soon so any savings would be nice.

Pinion bearing, seal, anything else? Also, I am hoping that a buddy can switch the gears for me (hint, if he's watching). I can get all of the tools for the install but one. I can't get the wrench for putting the yoke on. When I had the 4:88's put in there a different guy did it for me and used a special torgue wrench to tighten down the pinion.. Is this "really" needed?

Second question - Actually for another buddy of mine. He has a D44 in his TJ and is looking for spare axles. Besides the TJs, any other donor vehicles? Scouts, etc??

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