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Re: How high is your jeep?

My wheel base is 106"
for ground clearance, and low C of G, it just comes down to perfect placement of the engine, so that the drive train can run straight back all the way to the rear out put shaft.
Ironicly when I first installed my 5.0 HO, I kept the engine high, so that I could have more ground clearance, but I ended up having to angle the drive train downward towards the rear to solve clearance and drive shaft angle problems. About 3 months ago, I decided to reposition my engie forward and downward as far as possible in the engine bay, so that i could lose my body lift, I insatlled durring the engine swap. The result was a lower of C of G, and nearly perfect drive train geometry, that allowed me to remove the 3" body lift, and also remove the 2" spacer I had at the skid plate. Talk about a win/win situation.
The rig has great ballance now, and has never felt more nimble. I am loving the performance I am getting out of it these days.
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