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Re: Electrical Decay? TeamRush? Anyone hear of this?

One more tidbit on the subject. Arron mentioned "RTV in a pinch." You might think that RTV would be perfect because it sticks well and is darn sure air tight. The problem with common RTVs is that they produce acetic acid as they cure, hence the vinegar smell. Acid of any kind is the last thing you want around wiring.

Dow Corning makes an RTV, product number 737, which is neutral cure and non-corrosive. Under the direction of an electrical engineer who worked on the Gemini capsules, I have used it without problems on 14 kilovolt power supplies and sensitive printed circuits. It is terrific but expensive; the last 3 ounce tube I bought was about $10 if memory serves, and it may not. You have to get it at an electronics supply house.
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