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Re: Electrical Decay? TeamRush? Anyone hear of this?

I guess it's not easy to manufacture (that's a guess only...).
I pay about $1 an inch for the kind with Glue in it (the best type to use),
and about $0.45 an inch for the thin kind with no glue (like Radio Shack and discount auto parts stores sell)

Anyone that's seen my harnesses know I don't cut corners (or hold back on the heat shrink).
It doesn't pay to cut corners when you are that close to doing everything else correctly...

Just for the record, the only time I've read the term 'Electrical Decay' was in reference material about Super Cooled- Super Conductors... Something about Electron Decay rates when current is stored in a superconductor for long periods of time...

This is interesting for me, and I agree with the term for vehicle systems, but I'd change it to Electrical System Decay....
That's more accurate.

I damn sure agree with the principle!
I've seen way too much in the way of corrosion, and a multitude of other problems down through the years...
The factories are going to design the electrical systems to live through the warranty periods, and that's it!
With common fuel injection over 20 years old now, expect to see more cars in the bone yard from electrical problems than anything else...
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