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Re: Electrical Decay? TeamRush? Anyone hear of this?

about Crimp Connectors

Professionally, my biggest pet peeve is guys that don't use the correct crimping tool. For guys working on their own vehicle it don't bother me.

Crimp connections rely on a gas free bond. If air can get at the bonding surface then it will corrode (eventually). The dissimilar metals can't under go the oxidation process without oxygen.

It you squish a crimp onto a wire with a pair of pliers or with the 5 buck crimper you got at K-mart the connection will not last over 5 years, unless you got lucky. your bond may have pockets of air traped in it.

If you check out any of the spec sheets from AMP for their ring lugs, you'll see that they recommend a tool for crimping and the LUG will have a "UR" rating instead of a "UL" listing. This means that the ring lug is only recognized to meet electrical code requirements if used correctly. Which means to use the specified and calibrated crimp tool. they rachet so you can't half crimp them. They are expensive too.

Did you know that crimped ring lugs used to be a staple of the nuclear power industry. It took a lot of testing to get them away from ring lugs. And in Japan they wont buy any power equipment from you unless it's all ring lug.

Use crimps responsibly and they will treat you right.

Sorry, if this sounds pointy.. I had a bad day at work and just wanted to contribute.
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