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Re: Electrical Decay? TeamRush? Anyone hear of this?

Jimmyz and Brhino just about covered the basics.....basically which means keep it clean and keep it tight. As long as you have a good gas tight (this means air can't get in between the contacts) connection, then there should be no corrosion...basically, the corrosion is any oxidation that takes place....and even copper oxidizes...ever hear of copper oxide?. a nut shell....wiring does not degrade unless you get corrosion between contacts or somthing damages the wiring (like constant moving). The only other issue is to make sure you have good grounds...TR can give you a real good book report on this issue. And one of the reasons grounds are so important is because it's typically between two different metals which creates a whole new set of problems. Hell...there are engineers out there who specialize in nothing but grounding. That is why it is sometimes called FM.
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