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Re: Electrical Decay? TeamRush? Anyone hear of this?

Generally speaking this can be true. But it is not a time thing I have worked on good 50 year old electrical equipment and bad new equipment. Electricity acts the same way wether in a car, at a power plant (where I used to work) or in your home. Bad connections are high resistance and limit the amount of current and voltage it can carry. I would not downgrade your electrical system because of it, but I do check my important connections yearly both on my car and in the home. Battery connections, engine block connections including grounds, starter and main fuse box connections.
There is a problem when looking at the quality of a connection with a DVM. DVM put out 9V (from the little batteries in the back) at a small current. They are really not capable of showing how good a connection is. There could be one little knub make a solid connection and the DVM will read 0 ohms. Put 100 amps across that knub and you will have a whole lotta heat and problems. DVM help, but do not swear by them. There are things called DLRO that measure in microohms and put out some current that are the real deal. They are $3-5k so not in your normal Jeep budget.
All in all, again check your important connections and do use the conduction grease, maybe blow out the dust from your alternator and give it a go.
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