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Re: How high is your jeep?

Just as a little sidelight to this, you will note that the trend is not tall rigs anymore, due to the rock crawling craze, low COG with big tires is now "in". A super tall rig is kinda like wearing platform shoes, doesn't really get you where you need to be, and is out of date. YOu can easily fit 35" tires on a CJ with only 4" total lift and some judicious fender trimming, if you then clock the t-case and build a flat skid plate, you have a very stable vehicle with a ton of ground clearance. As an example, at the RCAA competition in Farmington last month I was noticing that many of the vehicles running tires in the 38" range were lower at the hood than my CJ with 4" of total lift and 33" tires. But boy, did they ever have the clearance underneath.
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