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Re: Electrical Decay? TeamRush? Anyone hear of this?

My $0.015396 is that I have never heard of any figures before. Any connection or switch contact is susceptable to corossion resulting in resistance if not properly done. I'm thinking of doing a Painless wiring headlight switch relay because of potential resistance in a 23 yo headlight switch. I'm gettin' older and the more light on the road the better. Splices can also be a problem if corossion gets between the splice and strands. In a Jeep's wiring harness there are only a couple of splices. They are nothing more than a crimped band. The hard part is finding them on the engine harness. Use a wiring diagram and trace the wires. If water wicks between the insulation and the conductor it will cause corrosion on the outside of the conductor but I think the only detrimental effect would be for stranded wire carrying A.C. Higher freqs. like to travel on the outer parts of a conductor, skin effect. As far as an alternator there might be some depletion of the elements used for the electronics causing an inefficienty, but I'm sure you know as well as anybody else here knows that when it stops working it stops now. Generally speaking if you have clean connections to begin with and have some sort of moisture barrier, Dow Corning makes a good dialectric silicone grease, the electrical resistance would be so slight that it would require a very good DVM to measure it and the good connection should be maintained for many years. BTW I have my eye on a used 12V cordless drill at work to setup the same as yours.
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