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Re: Thermal Coatings

I Had my Hooker Duals Jet-Hot Coated last year. When they arrived they were beautiful. But after a summer of running the coating began to discolor and appears to be crystalizing (Only in the imediate downturning of the header tubes to clear the intake manifold). I consulted the manufacturer on this condition, since a friend of mine has run this coating on a top fuel dragster for over 5 years with no problems. The answer to this is due to the fact that these inline headers have to turn so quickly to miss the intake, the heat build up in this area of the headers is almost impossible to jet-hots coating. I was told to give them a year, and if dissatisfied they'd recoat the headers for free. But all in all they still look great, and i'm satisfied, that since they were coated inside and out the the heat build up was decreased, and the headers will last much longer than if non-coated. You shouldn't have a problem with the intake manifold.
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