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Re: Gearing down and Lockers on a CJ7

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I recently bought a '86 CJ7 for mostly off road use. I might drive it to work once in a while in the summer.

Hey guys, read the post. He's gonna use it off road mostly. That to me means low range most of the time. Do the math, a 4:1 with a T-5 and 3.31s will give a better crawl ratio than the stock t-case gearing with 4.88s. And going that deep with a Dana 30 gives you guaranteed R&amp;P breakage, incredibily small contact. Ideally, he should do a 4:1 with 4.10s, but then you're talking bigger bucks. The 4:1 t-case makes much more sense if you're gonna use it the way he says.
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