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Re: Do I have problems?

Ive been addicted for quite some time now .... 5 years I think. It doesnt seemt to get any better. In fact when I moved upto college I had my parents trailer my jeep up here to keep me happy! I dont get to work on it as much as I used to since I havent found a job since this town is full of students and all of them want a job. But I manage to scrounge up some cash here and there just to buy more stuff to put on my baby. Ive come to realize that this addiction will never go away and Im fine with that. In fact I have even infected some people [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Some which are already asking for rights to the jeep if something were ever to happen to me. I think they're planning to kill me off just for the jeep. Who knows addiction can lead you to do crazy things
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