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Gearing down and Lockers on a CJ7

I recently bought a '86 CJ7 for mostly off road use. I might drive it to work once in a while in the summer. I do have a trailer and will tow it on trips. I chose this '86 because it was clean and from what I understood, It was most of the way to a good drivetrain with the T case and stock D44 rear end. Right now it has 3:31 gears which is too high for what I want to use if for (moderate rock crawling etc.) I also am planning on lockers. I got an estimate to put 456 gears in it and it was about $1,000.00. (I've only called one place, this could be high) That choked me up a little. I originally thought I could get by with lock right lockers cause I don't plan on putting a big motor in it. My thinking is that since I have to get a new carrier (I think), I should go with the detroits since they come with carriers. (I can't afford ARB's) If I go down this road, I will be into this upgrade about $2,000.00 (Just for gears and lockers) My question is, Could I get some used axles for less? (Already geared) or should I just bite the bullet. I would prefer 456 but could probably live with 4:11's if I found some.
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