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Re: Do I have problems?

At least you can admit it. Many of us are in denial. It gets worse when you get to multiple Jeeps, and then they start fighting with each other over who gets wrenched this weekend, or who gets the next mod. But it's just so hard to stay monogomous!

Do I ask for new socks for Christmas, or that computer game I've been wanting? Hell, I hardly even turn on the compooter at the house anymore, other than to search the forums for info on whatever mod I'm working on at the time. Nope. I ask for tow hooks and suspension components.

Has my relationship ever been on the rocks because of the Jeeps. More than once. "You spend more time with the Jeeps than with me! You care about those hunks of metal more than me!" blah blah blah. Sometimes I thing..."yeah"...

I'm the only person in my office who comes to work on Mondays (and many other days for that matter) in dress clothes with grease under my fingernails. Noone even asks what I did this past weekend anymore!
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